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  • Halal

Menu Redgate Indian Liverpool

Redgate Indian Restaurant is proud to finally lay our secret out in the open, fresh Ingredients. Truth be told, a delicious, colourful and fresh looking vegetable is rich in both nutrients and flavours. Any dish cooked using fresh fruits and vegetables is bound to be rich in flavour and nutrients. It would be unfair to compare such a dish with one prepared using stale ingredients. Every dish is made fresh upon order and presented to the customer within the shortest time possible while sizzling hot. Every single bite of our signature dishes releases bursts of rich flavour, taste and of course, nourishment. We are proud to state that we have rightfully earned every star on our badge. Go on, give us a try and join our 'satisfied customers' bandwagon.

About Redgate Indian Liverpool

Redgate Indian Restaurant is an establishment that believes in quality of service when it comes to satisfying its customer's food needs. It is a restaurant that was established when a need for perfect Indian cuisine was noted in Formby, Liverpool. Everyone deserves a well prepared Indian meal prepared by someone who knows what constitute great food. This is exactly what we are all about and the high numbers of satisfied customers are proof that we are indeed making a positive contribution to the society.

Besides our vision and mission, there are a few other factors that have contributed to our success. Under our roof is a team of professional staff who understand how important professionalism is in our restaurant. This way, we ensure that every single person who walks into our restaurant is treated with utmost professionalism right from the moment they walk in through our doors, during their stay right up to when they leave. We aim at making our restaurant a peaceful and serene place for Indian Cuisine lovers; a home away from home. 

In addition to these, we are proud to state that we have invested in a team of highly skilled and qualified Chefs. These individuals are highly trained to particularly cook and serve Indian dishes. This means that the understand how important flavour and taste are to any Indian dish. This is a powerful secret that sees that our customers walk out our doors with smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

Restaurant location Redgate Indian Liverpool

Find Us In Liverpool If you ever find yourself in need for some freshly prepared Indian delicacies, feel free to give Redgate Indian Restaurant a visit. We are located along Formby area in Liverpool City, UK. The relaxing ambiance around the restaurant will only make your experience better.

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